About Me



Pedro Vera is an American actor and artist. His roles include Francisco Castillo of A Devil in God's Country (2019), Liam of Ripples (2018), and Daniel of Unforgiven (2017). Based out of Atlanta, Pedro has worked on many films both in front and behind the camera. 

Originally from Hollywood, Florida, Pedro attributes his love of acting to his early days of being thrown on stage for various school plays. In high school, his artistic palette stretched into film, when he was the school's daily news anchor and digital media director. By merging his love of performance and digital media, a passion for film acting was born. 

After moving to Georgia, Pedro pursued greater training in the performing arts by attending the University of North Georgia, where he earned both an A.A. in Art and a B.S. in Film and Digital Media. Some of his most notable acting mentors include Acting Coach Jim Hammond of the Gainesville Theatre Alliance, Voice and Shakespeare Coach Elisa Carlson, and  On Camera Acting Coach Carrie Schrader.


From Me to You

I’ve carried many different names throughout my journey as an actor, but the one I stick with day to day is Pedro Vera, which means ‘rock’ and ‘truth.’ Funny how I ended up with a name that means the very thing I search for in every story I tell, see, or hear. A rock hard story with a true character just trying to deal with what's been given in life.

 I believe the principle of truth is something everyone in the theater searches for when they watch anything. The truth in love, the truth in heroism, the truth in comedy, audiences always want the truth in these characters and their circumstances. Which is why I love Sanford Meisner’s teaching of ‘Living truthfully under imaginary circumstances,’ and why I continue to search for truth in those moments.


"We think too much and feel too little." - Charlie Chaplin