A Devil in God's Country (2019)


The Unholy Three, now two, hunt down the infamous Skinny Bill for the murder of their brother. Their vengeful journey takes an unexpected turn for the weird when the trail takes them through unwanted territory. (Dir. Gary Ivey)

Record Damage (2018)


A haunted soul pleas for help from a skeptical newspaper interviewer. If the words of the living will not arouse belief, maybe the hands of dead, will.                        

(Dir. Jason Bray)

Ripples (2018)


In the face of a family tragedy, two siblings must face their pasts and unite to face their future.

(Dir. Allysa Coleman)

All Men Cry (2017)


A young man, played by Pedro Vera, examines his experiences with his overbearing older brother. During his examination, he finds the meaning of true brotherhood.

(Dir. Gary Ivey)

Unforgiven (2017)


A beautiful relationship is ruined when one side makes a selfish decision. Pedro Vera plays Daniel, a patient but weary boyfriend of Rachel, in this short but sweet film. 

(Dir. Alex Gonzalez)

The Jesus Job (2017)


A Thief-in-Training (Pedro Vera) undergoes his first trial robbery, his Mentor's mother's house. The job takes a comedic turn when a mix of family and divine intervention gets in the way. (Dir. Sebastian Anderson)